Tintin, Paris 2011

I have recently found out that, traditionally, a 10th wedding anniversary is celebrated as a tin anniversary.

It’s our 10th wedding anniversary shortly. We’re going to Paris to celebrate. We’ve never bothered celebrating wedding anniversaries previously. There’s been more than one year where one or the other, or both of us, forgot our wedding anniversary. There was also a year where M. forgot, and I ‘misremembered’ the date. But this year, we’re going to celebrate.

For families with children, family milestones tend to be built around children. Family celebrations are associated with births, first-steps, starting school, going on to college, starting a job, meeting a partner, the arrival of grandchildren. These tend to be shared and celebrated. We’re not going to have those milestones, so we have to mark our own celebrations. Have our own milestones. And celebrate that we are still here and enjoying life together.

We have to create our own traditions and celebrations. So we are going to Paris where we can sit in cafés, lose ourselves in waterlilies, gaze at the architecture and celebrate in Paris.


4 thoughts on “Tintin, Paris 2011

  1. I like this post A LOT. With all of the child-related celebrations, I end up feeling a permanent part of the chorus sometimes…I am now thinking about what traditions and celebrations we might create. Hmmmm. By the way, Paris sounds lovely. I hope you both have fabulous time. Happy Anniversary!

    • Thank you! Sometimes I feel like an ‘extra’ in my own life, so I’ve decided to take my own life back. Paris was wonderful – it’s always nice to have a celebration.

  2. Congratulations! That sounded great. We celebrate our anniversary every year. If it’s an ordinary number we go somewhere nice for dinner, but if it’s a big deal number we make a big deal out of it! After all, no-one else will.

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